October 26th, 2021

// Are Old Knee Injuries Getting in the Way of Your Workout?

Are Old Knee Injuries Getting in the Way of Your Workout?

Knee pain can linger long after an injury has healed as much as possible. While many people experience some degree of pain in their joints as they get older, you’ll want to pay attention if your discomfort keeps you from enjoying your favorite activities. Knee pain that stops you from doing your workout prevents you from taking care of your health. However, you can take steps to start improving how you feel each day.

Reduce the Strain You Place on Your Knees

The pain that you feel during your workout is impacted by the other things that you do each day. By adjusting your behavior, you can reduce the strain that you place on your knees. For example, asking for assistance when you lift heavy objects. You might also need to use a kneeling pad if you tend to get down on your knees for cleaning or gardening. Taking care of your knees throughout your day-to-day life can help to keep them more limber for when you are ready to exercise.

Choose Knee-Friendly Cardio Workouts

When your knees hurt, the last thing you want to do is pound the pavement. Look for gentler, low-impact exercises that reduce the shock that your knees have to absorb. Cycling is a great option for people who have knee pain. If your knee pain is severe, then you might also want to try water aerobics to reduce the load on your knees. Walking is typically more comfortable compared to jogging, and you can still burn calories and strengthen your muscles by planning for longer walks to make up for the difference in how much energy you expend during the workout.

Remember to Warm Up and Cool Down

Many knee injuries occur due to people rushing through their workouts. Those pre-workout stretches and slow movements help to loosen up tight muscles and ligaments around your knee. Doing a post-workout cool down also helps to prevent fluid from building up around your knees that increases your pain.

Explore Treatments to Correct Worn Out Knees

There sometimes comes a point where the cartilage is worn down so bad in your knees that normal precautions and self-care no longer work. Getting a knee replacement is a fairly routine procedure, and you can expect to regain your ability to do many of your favorite exercises after your recovery. As a part of your recovery, your treatment team will provide you with exercises to improve the use of your knee and help you continue to stay fit.

An old knee injury can cause problems many years later, and the pain will typically worsen over time as your body also deals with the wear and tear that comes with aging. Your comfort is important, and being able to exercise helps you to maintain your overall health. Remembering to listen to your body and take steps to improve how you feel makes it possible to get back to enjoying your workouts again.


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