May 28th, 2016

// Easy Workout Ideas for the Busy Bees Who Can't Hit the Gym Everyday

Easy Workout Ideas for the Busy Bees Who Can't Hit the Gym Everyday

You know that maintaining an active lifestyle is one of the major top priorities in life. By taking care of ourselves, we stand a chance of being the kind of individual we strive to be at home with our loved ones, on the job, and in the community. However, it doesn’t mean that this is easy.

No doubt, work, in particular, will get in the way of working out. In fact, you will realize soon that there is a huge paradox going on and it becomes more obvious when more exciting and challenging a job becomes.

On one hand, you struggle to find the time to do exercise. On the other, you cannot avoid exercising as it is integral to become successful. Or you can have your very own home garage gym and keep fit without requiring too much time.

How To Become Fit Despite Having A Demanding Schedule

  • Working Out Efficiently

You need to select a workout which can be done almost anywhere, irrespective of whether you are traveling or coming home late from the office. So, ideally, this will be a kind of exercise which will not need a huge amount of preparation. Plus it can help in accomplishing major physical gains in a matter of short period. Some of the best choices are Tabata training, high-intensity interval training, running, and bodyweight exercises.

  • Exercise During Commercials

Can’t miss the big popular games and favorite TV shows? Rather than sitting on the couch with your favorite snack food, you can mix up a delicious blend of healthy veggie and fruit juices and do various exercises during commercials.

Try to use the dumbbells, bands or body weight and choose a fast exercise circuit. During the commercials, perform various exercises and reps as much as you can. You can use dumbbells, bands or even your body weight for the fast exercise circuit.

During every commercial, you can perform various exercises and reps as much as you like. From a 30-min sitcom, you get up to 9-10 minutes of exercising time.

  • Catering To Your Dislikes and Likes

Many people hate running, and that is fine. It is important that you become realistic and know what you like or dislike. One person’s running is another person’s weight training, yoga or dance. It is important to flex your self-discipline muscles with regard to exercising.

But you need to make it easier by selecting a form of exercise which is apt for your lifestyle, taste, and personality. If you are not sure what you like to do, then don’t be sad. You must not be afraid to experiment with many types of exercises until you get what works the best for you.

  • Night Exercise

If you are a working mother, then a full day of work, making dinner, and running back of the kids can make you exhausted. However, you need to fight the urge to hunker down. Try to select a workout which helps you to unwind.

You can workout on a treadmill, dumbbells, a body weight circuit or bands. Now if you have a hard time settling down especially from the night time workouts, then you can do something calming like stretching or yoga. Even better, you can use the burst of the energy by spending time with your partner, which is what you need.  

  • Taking Competition As Motivation

To becoming successful in work, collaboration is an essential aspect. However, when you are trying to motivate yourself by exercising on a regular basis (that too with enough intensity which matters a lot), competition has its own merits.

Nowadays it is possible to find competition matching your skill level in any sport or field. So, whether you are a beginner, elite or somewhere in between, there is always something for all of us. Go ahead sign up, set the goal and find out what it can do to you. If the odds are good then it can be the push that you need to keep yourself in the game.

  • Create A Schedule And Commit To It

One of the major reasons for why people skip a workout is either being busy at work or picking up the kid from school. It involves dealing with the given situation. At times, you can cancel the internal meeting, take some work home with you, so that you can hit the gym.

Basically, it is all about prioritizing. The truth is that you have to get out of the office at the time when it is necessary. Try to make a schedule (even you can write it down if it helps) and stick to it. Remind yourself that working out is a top priority worth keeping.

  • Tracking The Levels Of Activity

There is an old saying “If you don’t measure it, it doesn’t exist”. Yes! It is a slight exaggeration, but it holds some truth to it, especially when it is related to exercising. Make sure to keep a note on the calendar every time when you work out. You can add the workout session at the end of each week, month and year. This helps you to monitor your progress and find out areas to improve.

It is better if you measure your activity levels as it can help you to remain on track and realize when you are going to slip just before you completely lose the habit.

  • Selecting Something Over Nothing

Frankly, you don’t need an hour or even thirty minutes to do an effective and complete workout. Doing some exercise is virtually much better than none. Heck, even a ten minutes can create a difference. You can easily catch some few free minutes in your daily life. So, with an efficient program which can frequently be done, speedy and short workouts can do wonders for both the mind as well as the body.

Winding Up

Try to squeeze in the schedule to workout wherever you are and no matter how much time you have with regard to bodyweight exercises. Also, you can use the assistance of apps which prescribes the best exercises to be done at your desk.


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