February 8th, 2018

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Eating Healthy: 5 Foods to Incorporate into Your Diet

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Whether you’re trying to lose weight or slash your risk for chronic disease, careful attention to nutrition will help you reach your goals. Adding the following five foods to a popular family favorite or in a new recipe will help boost nutrition and taste. No matter which food you decide to try first, you’re sure to make a great choice.


Beans are a nutritional superstar. A single serving of beans can boast as much as seventeen grams of fiber, protein, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Beans are also frequently featured in some of the best budget-friendly recipes.


While broccoli may seem comparatively lackluster next to colorful, beautiful beans, it is a real performer when it comes to disease prevention and management. The risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases is twenty-six percent less among those who eat four servings of this green powerhouse. Sulforaphane, the phytochemical responsible for much of this disease-fighting activity, is released most when broccoli is lightly steamed in an old-fashioned stovetop steamer or in the microwave.


In terms of preparation ease, nothing beats a simple apple. This fruit was among the first quick and easy snack on-the-go options and it remains a perennial favorite due to its snappy crunch and satisfying sweet taste. An apple a day really can help keep the doctor away; studies have linked this delicious treat with reduced risk of heart disease, lung cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Whole Grain Bread

Adding some whole grain bread to your diet can help keep you from feeling as if you’re subsisting on “rabbit food,” as you add more fresh produce to your day. Bread made with whole wheat, flax seed, and multigrain flours can provide a hearty and savory chew. Look for all-natural, organic bread from a reputable supplier such as the Klosterman Baking Company.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is an excellent antidote for dessert cravings. This flavonoid antioxidant-rich marvel can prevent blood clots and keep arteries clear. Simply choose chocolate with at least seventy percent cocoa content and watch your portion sizes.


Food should bring pleasure to your life, not end it prematurely. So, enjoy a slice of flax seed bread spread thickly with a zesty bean dip or a piece of gourmet dark chocolate. Such foods are important means of gaining more energy, vitality, and possibly yea


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