March 24th, 2017

// Finding the Way By Elizabeth DeRosa – Press Release

From Elizabeth DeRosa of Finding The Way Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Author

Finding the Way

I wrote this book as a concerned mother who is beginning to make the connection between the rise of health concerns facing our children today and the toxic environment we have created for them on a day to day basis. This book explores my son’s physical symptoms and illnesses from the perspective of using modern medicine for a decade to manage his symptoms to then using alternative practices to alleviate and now preventing his symptoms. The difference for him has been remarkable in terms of his physical health and he serves as an example that taking control of your own health and well-being is important. His physical transformation serves all of us with the knowing that we have the power to reverse disease and create eating habits and a lifestyle that supports our health and well-being.

Finding the Way brings awareness to:

  • Individuals and families about the dangers of the overuse and continuous use of antibiotics.
  • The problems with the country’s food supply; specifically looking at the alkalize/acid connection (pH balance) and how what we eat or don’t eat contributes to our overall health.
  • The importance of nutritious foods and how increasing foods that are alive and nutritious assists our body in finding it’s optimal balance.
  • How to limit our daily exposure to toxic ingredients and chemicals. These toxic ingredients and chemicals are everywhere and are causing physical chaos and disease on a level never before seen in this country. The statistics for both children and adults is alarming and a true cause for concern. Sick children will grow up to become sick adults.

I believe that the medical community, individuals, and families are not prepared to handle the health consequences that are inevitably headed their way in terms of physical struggle and decline, financial cost, and the emotional burden placed on people living with health problems and their caregivers. We are becoming more sick, suffering more, and are increasingly becoming dependent on doctors and pharmaceuticals to sustain our lives.

This book will educate and empower you on the necessary steps to begin or continue your journey toward holistic wellness with primary emphasis on one aspect of holistic health – the body.

I offer practical solutions, suggestions, and resources I discovered while improving my family’s health. Discover how it can be done for you and your family in Finding the Way.


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