October 28th, 2020

// Good News eBook FINDING THE LIGHT is Vitamin ‘D’ for the Soul

Good News eBook FINDING THE LIGHT is Vitamin 'D' for the Soul


TORONTO, Oct. 28, 2020 /CNW/ - The 200+ page eBook is a time capsule chronicle. It is not a news story or a political piece. It is a one-of-a-kind positive resource comprised of bite-sized essays, breathtaking photographs and poetry, which illuminates the real and relatable thoughts, fears and revelations of 70+ people from North America, Germany and Australia. It is proof positive of what is possible when humanity comes together for the common good. All of the stories resonate with hope and insight, casting a beacon of light to comfort and inspire all. Participants include; a recovered COVID-19 patient, a medical frontline worker, athletes, entertainment leaders, CEO's, faith leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and many more. This compendium is a story about us all. At first blush Finding the Light appears as a glossy coffee-table book, but reveals itself to be an inspiring toolbox; filled with ideas, solutions and perspectives for anyone who has been struggling with their own state of mental well-being due to the pandemic. Inclusive and hopefulFinding the Lightis for anyone who cares about community and helping one another.

Author Alli Mang shares, "We brought nearly 100 participants together to help bring out the hopeful ideas on how to move forward from this devastating pandemic. I lost my business completely when COVID-19 hit our shores, and like millions of people around the world, I was struggling to figure out how to cope. That's why I created this book. Life is about legacy. Part of our responsibility as leaders is to pay this knowledge forward. The youth charities we have aligned with have significant meaning to me as they involve grief support for children and youth, entrepreneurship, the performing arts, film and television and mentorship for aspiring athletes."

4-time author Alli Mang has been telling stories for more than 35 years on camera, on stage and on the page. She was Canada's first Ivory Girl when campaigns started celebrating the beauty of Moms. She launched a home and lifestyle line selling more than $40 million LIVE on the worldwide shopping channel platform as well as being the only Canadian entrepreneur featured in the 2020 U.S. National magazine, Where Women Create Work. Alli is a master on camera instructor teaching professionals how to make a lasting impact online, on camera and on the page.

$11.99 per eBook download. 50% of every purchase is directed to 3 youth-focused charities:

  1. Lighthouse offers hope and encouragement to grieving children, teens and their families by providing a safe space to share feelings, thoughts and experiences with others who truly understand.
  2. LemonAID Warriors is an award-winning non-profit founded by youth activists, to inspire and empower the next generation of compassionate leaders. 
  3. One World Stage and Screen makes high quality training accessible to aspiring youth who lack the financial resources to access the education and mentorship necessary to cultivate their talent in the performing arts, film & television and sports.

SOURCE Alli Mang


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