July 17th, 2017

// Guest Post: Competitive Strategy: How To Train for Your First Marathon

Guest Post: Competitive Strategy: How To Train for Your First Marathon

Competitive Strategy: How to Train for Your First Marathon

Some people decide to run their first marathon to cross an item off of their bucket list, and others simply want to do something fun and active that will improve their level of health. Running a full 26.2 miles is a significant accomplishment, and it requires ample training and planning if you want to achieve this goal without injury. If you have decided to start training for your first marathon, follow these tips for the best results.

Invest in the Right Equipment

When training for a marathon, you will run a significant number of miles each week. More than that, you may spend hours outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. You need to invest in quality footwear to prevent injuries to your feet and joints. Remember that running can place a great deal of pressure on your joints, and footwear can give you the extra conditioning that is needed to avoid injuries. You also need to buy athletic apparel that is suitable for the weather conditions in your area. Training may extend for months and span across several seasons, so plan to update your training wardrobe periodically as the seasons change.

Follow a Training Schedule

Your body may need to gradually adjust to an increasingly rigorous workout. You may start out running a mile or two every other day, but you may increase this until you are regularly running 15 to 20 miles several times per week. Your workout may need to include interval training, hills training and more. You can find a great training schedule on numerous websites to help you achieve your goal more easily. It may be helpful to register for a race that is at least four or five months away so that you have ample time to follow your training schedule without unnecessarily stressing your point to the point of developing injuries.

Find a Buddy

Running a marathon is as much about physical conditioning as it is about mental strength and fortitude. A running partner can help you to stay on track as you proceed through your training schedule and can motivate you to get out there and hit the pavement on days when you do not feel up to it. You may also join a running club if you cannot find a training partner to run with regularly. Remember that your partner’s commitment to training can affect your mental fortitude in this area. Ensure that you make a wise decision when selecting a running partner so that you receive the full level of support you need.

Take Care of Your Body

Your body will endure incredible stress when you are training for this event. You need to take steps to stay healthy and to avoid injuries. Plan several rest days each week without physical activity. Get an adequate amount of sleep at night, and follow a healthy diet plan that gives you an adequate amount of carbs, calories and nutrients. You also need to stay hydrated by drinking water or a recovery drink, like ASEA, after a workout if you want to avoid injuries. You can find great meal and hydration plans online that are designed to give marathon runner the full amount of nutrients they need to stay healthy and to fuel their bodies for this endurance activity.

The thought of running a marathon can initially sound like a far-fetched dream, and it is definitely not something that you can accomplish overnight. However, when you set your mind to it and when you follow a strategic plan, you will be able to train your body as well as your mind to endure this incredible feat. Investing in the right equipment and selecting a supportive partner are also critical if you want to achieve your running goals. As far-fetched as your marathon goal may sound right now, you may be able to accomplish your goal and cross this item off of your bucket list within a few months when you have the right plan in mind.


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