February 13th, 2021

// Gyms Are Opening Again

Hey Guys and Gals!

Gyms are opening again in my area! I hope yours is the same! With that being said I have a few items that I have on my radar for when gyms open up on the 16th that I want to add to my gym bag and I wanted to share them with you!

  1. PINK ankle weights!

2. Digital Jump Rope

3. Stretch Strap

4. Vibrating Massage Ball

5. Spin Bike

The first four items are for the gym bag and I wanted to include the last item on my wish list for home because time spots are limited for gyms in my area. 10 people per slot. So to maximize time in the gym having a few options for at home cardio may be great during this time. I use to have a spin bike before I moved to my new house however now I just have a treadmill and my next cardio at home will be another spin bike because I love the bike it is such a great workout! You dont need a peloton (they are expensive) you can just get a good quality at home bike and download a spin app or look up a good class on YouTube to follow if you dont want to control the ride yourself!

Anyway I hope you like the ideas for the gym! And Im so happy we survived another lockdown!

Stay happy and healthy and remember if you need training, diet and supplement advice I am taking on 1 on 1 clients now!



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