February 12th, 2017

// How To Kick Sugar & Junk Food Addiction

Many don't want to admit it, but sugar addiction is real. Scientist and researchers have even been known to say that sugar addictions can be just as strong as drug addiction. As a recovering sugar addict, I can say that the struggle is real, BUT, like with everything, you can free yourself of the cancer causing, weight gaining, leaky gut addiction. Below are 8 tips on things you can start doing TODAY to break the addiction.

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Don't worry, they're practical and we can definitely do them together.
#1 Take Responsibility and then control of yourself
Though addictive personalities do exist and sometimes the excitement we receive from eating sugar and bad foods as a result of increased dopamine levels is real, you have to realize that you got yourself here, so it's time to take some responsibility. You can't blame anyone. Remember that if you can't control anything else, you can control the food that you put into your system. One of the first signs of self respect is how you treat your body and how serious you take your health. Eating healthy, exercising and taking care of yourself physically and mentally is a sign of self respect, so take responsibility and control. You do this and I guarantee you that you'll demolish the other tips!
#2 Consume a diet of healthy fats, protein and fiber REGULARLY
Believe it or not, you can cure your sugar addiction just by incorporating certain foods in your diet and taking others out. A healthy meal that can help you kick the addiction should consist of healthy fats, protein and fiber. Each one of these meal components does something to help stabilize your blood sugar levels or insulin levels which will in turn help you to not crave sugary foods.
What are some examples of this food? I'm glad you asked.
You should be eating healthy fats. Examples of these nuts (almonds are a big plus), seeds, olive oil and  coconut oil. If you cut bad fats and carbs, your body will not only stop craving sugar but will become a fat burning machine! Who doesn't want that?
You should also consume protein. This means that you can and should be eating meats (try to stick to grass fed and organic... you don't want all of the hormones that are in a lot of meat), seafood like wild caught salmon, eggs and dairy like cheese, greek yogurt and milk. Be careful with your yogurts! A lot of the yogurt on the market is filled with sugar, so it might be best to stick to plain greek yogurt when you start on this journey.
Last but not least, you should also start incorporating more fiber in your diet. You can do this with food or supplements, but of course food is always best. Ways you can increase your fiber is by eating fruits, but the best fruits to eat when you're trying to kick a sugar addiction are berries so strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries. Veggies and beans are a plus as well. You also can rely on chia seeds and flaxseed.
By eating like this, you can balance your insulin levels and conquer your sugar cravings.
#3 STOP eating processed foods
It doesn't take a nutritionist to tell you the horrible effects of eating processed foods. Just look around you. Completely eliminate processed foods or even packaged foods for your diet. Most of them are full of sugar and it goes without saying that you should stop eating processed sugars if you want to take back control of your body. You should be eating whole foods. This means that if something you're eating has an entire list of ingredients, you probably shouldn't be eating it! Instead, trade those processed and packaged foods for whole foods and foods from the ground. Processed foods not only contribute to sugar addiction and weight gain but the chemicals in them can cause depression, mood swings and disease, so completely let them go if you want to kick your sugar addiction.
#4 Decrease your carb intake to only GOOD carbs
Consider doing a white out. No white bread, rice, pastas, grains, etc. That means If you want to completely break yourself of the addiction, you should definitely reduce the carbs that you eat.  So say goodbye to the bread, pasta and starches.
#5 Drink teas
Take advantage of shops like DavidsTea, Teavana and your local tea shop or just brew your own. I can personally tell you that teas help with sweet cravings. Train It Right's very own Alicia Bell has been suggesting finding a tea you love to clients for YEARS and it's proven to be super effective.
#6 Take supplements
If you're really struggling, try taking a chromium supplement in addition to a healthy diet! Also, there has been an increased interest in probiotics and rightly so. These days a lot of us are suffering from leaky gut and other gut issues because we have too much bad bacteria in our bodies. Get back on track and balance things out by incorporating a probiotic of your choice to your diet.
#7 Exercise
This is SO important. It's as equally important and effective for your physical as it is your mental. Never forget that exercise is one of the most underutilized antidepressants. Exercise releases the same 'feel good' hormone that's released when you're eating sugary foods, so get the same feeling but way better, lifesaving benefits.
Also, be sure to engage in exercise such as HIIT (which Train It Right has an e-book filled with amazing HIIT workouts), weight training, yoga and pilates. These forms of exercise will help you reduce your sugar cravings.
#8 Educate Yourself
Educating yourself can be the most important tip on this list to kick a sugar addiction. Learn what researchers and physicians have found to cause sugar addiction, the science behind it and continuously learn things that you can do to kick the habit. Make learning and educating yourself on topics that will help you feel better and look better a part of your lifestyle!
Try these out and let us know how your quest to greatness is going in the comments!


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