April 14th, 2020

// McGill researchers launch program to help Canadians stay fit while social distancing

McGill researchers launch program to help Canadians stay fit while social distancing

Initiative provides six-week web-based wellness program to complete while at home

MONTREAL, April 14, 2020 /CNW Telbec/ - These are challenging times as the world adapts to life trying to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying at home and practicing social distancing is critical in order to help flatten the curve of the virus' spread. The downside with this strategy is too much sitting around, weight gain due to unhealthy eating, as well as feeling tired, stressed, and isolated from friends and family.

To help improve the resiliency of Canadians, the health professionals at the McGill Comprehensive Health Improvement Program (CHIP) have announced a free web-based health promotion program developed to safely improve your physical and mental health in only six weeks.

During the past two years, Drs. Steven Grover at McGill University has been one of the researchers working on an online health promotion to help Canadian families maintain their health. This internet-based health program may now be particularly relevant to support healthy lifestyle habits during the COVID 19 pandemic while daily movement is restricted for most Canadians.

Homebound Resiliency Mission

The Homebound Resiliency Mission has been shown to improve physical activity levels, improve healthy eating habits, help drop a few pounds, plus reduce stress and fatigue while connecting with others. All aspects of the program, including physical activity, can be practiced in the safety of one's home or outside while maintaining social distancing.

The program itself has been tested with the Canadian Armed Forces and is currently being offered to Canadian Veterans and their families via the MissionVAV website thanks to funding from Veterans Affairs Canada. Participants learn how to exercise safely, use mindful techniques to eat healthier, and reduce their stress levels while they have fun tracking their progress with friends and family online. All these features are accessible on computer, tablet or smartphone.

Impressive Results to Date

Results from earlier Resiliency Missions have demonstrated significant improvements in daily physical activity (+30 per cent), reductions in stress levels (-20 per cent), and an average weight loss of ½ pound each week.

Given the health challenges facing homebound Canadians across the country right now, the McGill team is now offering the opportunity to participate in the program to up to 1,000 households, on a first come first served basis.

The program is free, secure, and private. Personal information, will be de-identified for research analyses and individual data will not be shared with any third party.

Registration for the Homebound Resiliency Mission will open on April 20 and the program will begin on April 27.

For more information go to www.MissionVAV.com.

SOURCE McGill Comprehensive Health Improvement Program (CHIP)


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