October 26th, 2021

// MedFuture announces the launch of the Agemeter Vitality Index

MedFuture announces the launch of the Agemeter Vitality Index

MIRABEL,QC, Oct. 26, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - Medfuture is pleased to announce the launch of its Agemeter Vitality Index, which is used to estimate a person's biological age and can be used as a benchmark for health professionals who accompany people who want to take preventive action for their health with personalized action plans.

Founded in 2018, Medfuture, has quickly established itself in Quebec as the leader in home blood collection services, following the acquisition of Myrrha Santé in February 2019. The company, which aims to position itself as a key player in the field of preventive health, has since multiplied its initiatives by diversifying its product and service offering, taking advantage of technological advances in the field of biotechnology.  

By the age of 35, many of the functions that are essential to everyday life begin to decline, at different rates for different people and with different consequences. Genetic, environmental and lifestyle components - diet, physical activity, smoking, sleep hygiene - are involved in this aging process, which can lead to chronic diseases, cancers, and other disabling conditions.  

"We are currently observing a worldwide trend in favor of prevention in the health field. Some countries are even in the process of identifying aging as a disease on which we will be able to act and thus, reduce the costs of care in the public health system," says Amélie Paquette, Executive Director of Medfuture. "With the help of technological innovations developed in recent years, it is now possible to measure several biomarkers of aging, to create individual aging scores and thus, to assess the impact of interventions designed to modify the trajectory of aging of a person to make it more favorable." 

The Agemeter Vitality Index is an innovative test developed in collaboration with a team of physicians and researchers who are experts in the non-invasive evaluation of aging. Deployed on a mobile application and lasting about 20 minutes, it is composed of six tests, associated with functions that decline with age: memory, hearing, decision making time, reaction time, movement speed and coordination.

Medfuture also announces that it will make its customer portal available in early 2022; this portal will offer customers a dashboard of past blood work history. This dashboard will show trends and trajectories of each biomarker at a glance and thus, adjust customers' action plans to act preventively.

The longevity industry, estimated at $17 trillion, is exploding, and the market opportunity will reach $27 trillion by 2026, according to experts. The fields of integrative medicine, gerosciences, nutraceuticals, regenerative medicine, gene therapies and connected health are gaining momentum, mainly due to advances in artificial intelligence, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, robotics and cognitive sciences.

About Medfuture Clinic Inc.
Medfuture specializes in the longevity field by helping people who actively seek control over their health, their most precious possession, to live an optimal and long life. Medfuture is a facilitator that aims to slow, stop or reverse the consequences of aging using tools to measure biomarkers related to the processes involved and concrete preventive actions, all with the use of advanced technologies and the practice of personalized medicine. Medfuture's multidisciplinary team offers a unique, human-centered experience.

For more information, visit https://medfuture.ca/pages/agemeter-indice-de-vitalite

SOURCE Clinique Medfuture Inc.


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