September 11th, 2018

// MyCare becomes Recognized Referral Facilitator for Mayo Clinic

MyCare becomes Recognized Referral Facilitator for Mayo Clinic


VANCOUVER, Sept. 11, 2018 /CNW/ - Assured Diagnosis Inc., the owner and developer of the MyCare programs (collectively "MyCare"), announced today that it has become a Recognized Referral Facilitator for Mayo Clinic in Canada. MyCare's Recognized Referral Facilitator location is based in Vancouver, BC and can offer in-country support to patients seeking care at Mayo in the United States. MyCare representatives are trained to assist patients as they seek a second opinion or treatment at Mayo Clinic, including providing Mayo Clinic information, travel assistance and other concierge services.

MyCare has been referring patients to Mayo Clinic for several years. Now, as a Recognized Referral Facilitator, MyCare will have the benefit of a dedicated Mayo relationship management team, training and access to Mayo Clinic's provider portal, and Mayo Clinic patient materials. MyCare will continue to offer patients a referral service package that includes patient medical record translation, online registration, appointment scheduling, visa application, air travel and hotel booking, transportation to a Mayo Clinic location and other concierge services. Patients may decide which services they need from MyCare.

"In Canada, many patients look to Mayo Clinic for additional expertise. By working formally with Mayo Clinic through this relationship, MyCare is able to offer in-country support for these patients and an efficient and cost effective process," says Dr. Raj Attariwala, MyCare's Medical Director.

When authorized by patients, MyCare will track patients' care at Mayo in real time to help refine patient service. Mayo will work with MyCare to provide remote consults for patients in Canada who are unable to travel to Mayo.

MyCare clients will also have access to Mayo Clinic's Executive Health Program.

Canadians can access information about Mayo Clinic at

About MyCare:

Assured Diagnosis Inc. (ADI) is a national company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. ADI's purpose is to provide Canadians with choice in their health care decisions to ensure that medical care meets the exact needs of each person. Since 2010, ADI's various MyCare programs have been providing Canadians a lasting connection to Mayo Clinic. For more information about the MyCare programs and services, visit

About Mayo Clinic:

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, education and research, providing expert, comprehensive care to everyone who needs healing.

Learn more about Mayo Clinic. Visit the Mayo Clinic News Network

SOURCE Assured Diagnosis Inc - MyCare


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