February 5th, 2020

// Providen Expands Central Fill Offering In Western Canada With Federally Approved License

Providen Expands Central Fill Offering In Western Canada With Federally Approved License

- Providen Pharmacy Logistics introduces new wholesale license at its central fill facility located in Calgary - 

CALGARY, Feb. 5, 2020 /CNW/ - Providen is pleased to introduce a new drug establishment license (DEL) at its central fill location in Calgary, Alberta.  The wholesale approval from Health Canada allows Providen to possess, sell, and delivery control drugs, narcotics, and targeted substances to its B2B central fill pharmacy customers in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.  

"With the new DEL in place, we can now offer a complete packaging solution that includes narcotic, controlled drugs, and targeted substances," said Providen Chief Operations Officer Trent Lane. "Prior to this license approval, we could only package regular medications.  Now with the federal license in place, it allows for us to package the patients' complete list of chronic medications."

Providen currently provides central fill and medication adherence solutions to over 50 community pharmacies in western Canada.  Community pharmacies are able to order compliance cards, strip packaging, vial filling, and manual pick (e.g. creams, inhalers) to Providen for assembly, verification, and delivery back to their pharmacy for patient pickup.   When coupled with a proactive refill system such as MedSync®, pharmacists are able to transition to an appointment-based model.  This practice frees up pharmacist time in order to provide newly enabled clinical services to their patients.  

About Providen Pharmacy Logistics
As pharmacists begin to transition from a traditional product-based practice to a clinical orientated model, Providen provides a seamless backend prescription workflow and fulfillment solution.  This allows pharmacists to spend less time checking prescriptions and more time with their patients.

About MedSync®
MedSync® is a web-based application developed by Providen Pharmacy Logistics. This proactive refill model is designed to natively work with pharmacy management systems to enhance medication adherence.   MedSync® synchronizes medications and provides electronic patient notifications.  Uniquely, Providen's MedSync® can be associated with a central filling site furthering workflow efficiencies.   

For more information, please see our web sites at www.providen.ca and www.medsync.ca or call us toll-free at 1.855.220.6922. 

SOURCE Providen Pharmacy Logistics


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