March 25th, 2020

// Providen Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

Providen Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

- Providen is prepared to help pharmacies, healthcare facilities, and communities that require support through the Covid-19 Pandemic - 

WINNIPEG, March 25, 2020 /CNW/ - Pharmacists will play a critical role during the Covid-19 Outbreak in Canada. If we can look to Italy, Spain and other pandemic hot spots, pharmacies have been placed in challenging circumstances.  They have been tasked with providing essential services to their patient networks.   As the most accessible healthcare provider working on the front lines, pharmacy staff are challenged with extra workload to provide advice, dispense prescription, and non-prescription medications and to help close gaps in a strained healthcare environment.  As Italy has also shown, pharmacies are also not only having to deal with increased workload and patient demand but also staff shortages, pharmacy closures and deaths as it relates to Covid-19 exposure.  They have also moved as many as possible of their patients to a home delivery model to reduce staff exposure and provide products to infected or infirm patients.

Providen Pharmacy Logistics is a closed-door high-volume central fill pharmacy that provides packaging and distribution of prescription and non-prescription products to community pharmacies and correctional/healthcare facilities.  Our industrial facilities can package compliance packaging, vial filling, unit of use and through our partner pharmacy, custom compounding all pursuant to a prescription.   We can facilitate the fulfillment of large volumes of medications either sent in bulk, back to pharmacies ready for delivery or sent directly as individual orders to patients' homes.  We are able to provide solutions to help patient contact pharmacies with workload and help to mitigate or deal with pharmacy closures.

Pharmacies in Canada will be challenged with many obstacles as it relates to their patients and communities.  As part of a comprehensive pandemic plan Providen is notifying stakeholders that we are available to help in any way possible.

If you have any questions or would like to work directly with Providen to help with a solution please reach out to us as soon as possible as there are some time restrictions and work needed to get accounts set up.

About Providen Pharmacy Logistics
Providen Pharmacy Logistics is a western Canadian pharmacy organization providing technology and central fill solutions to retail pharmacy and institutional healthcare facilities in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  With the head office located in Winnipeg Manitoba, and a second facility in Calgary, Alberta, Providen has been providing back end logistic solutions since 2011.

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