March 24th, 2020

// Member Sign Ups Up 74 Percent Over Same Time Last Year Member Sign Ups Up 74 Percent Over Same Time Last Year
Doctors and dating coaches agree that person-to-person communication is essential to mental health during social distancing, explaining an increase on average of 10,000 additional new users per day on the world’s largest Sugar Dating Site, SeekingArrangement. 

March 24, 2020, Las Vegas -- As mandatory shutdowns of all non-essential businesses spread across the globe, and social distancing becomes the norm, tens of millions of singles are forced to find alternative ways to connect and interact with each other. 

Without the ability to meet new people at bars, gyms or other public places, SeekingArrangement provides a platform that allows singles to adapt quickly and stay connected. 

The focus of the dating site has always been to establish meaningful online connections in-order to get comfortable enough to take it to the next level, meeting in-person. Although that’s become increasingly difficult in recent weeks, daters are signing up in droves, finding like-minded adults to escape isolation. While physical distancing is important, the company feels that there has never been a time when we needed to be even more socially and emotionally connected to other human beings.

“Couples (and singles) should increase communication during this physical separation,” says CEO and Founder of Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching and Consulting Services Dr. Linda Williams. “Frankly, many relationships will be tested -- which is not a bad thing at all. This time will either strengthen or show weaknesses in the relationship. Those relationships founded on the physical, rather than a deeper foundation, may prove challenging, But, this is an opportunity to increase emotional intimacy outside of the physical.”

“The importance of making a connection and staying connected during these times is paramount for people susceptible to depression and anxiety,” according to a Pew Research Center study revealing “isolation exacerbates an individual’s level of dissatisfaction with aspects of their personal life, to the extent that they are depression-prone, where isolating them could lead to negative mindsets that get worse the longer they remain isolated.” 

With little insight on when social distancing will end, SeekingArrangement will continue to help support mental health by helping singles meet new people safely, through online engagement.


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