July 22nd, 2020

// Social Publisher Accused of Locking Accounts of Jewish users for Star-of-David Profile Pics

Social Publisher Accused of Locking Accounts of Jewish users for Star-of-David Profile Pics         
Las Vegas, Nevada – Parler, the People-driven social platform, took the occasion of Twitter being accused of locking the accounts of multiple Jewish users who featured images of the Star of David in their profile pictures, to voice its support for users displaying the Star of David, as well as other religious symbols, as symbols of love. According to stories in the Jerusalem Post, Israel National News, and The Yeshiva World, Twitter said the accounts’ displays of “hateful imagery” had violated the publishers’ Terms of Service.

According to the Jerusalem Post, holders of the locked accounts received the following message from the social media publisher: “We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically for: Violating our rules against posting hateful imagery. You may not use hateful images or symbols in your profile image or profile header. As a result, we have locked your account." 

Users were reportedly told to delete the images in order for their accounts to be restored.

The images in question ranged from a white Star of David in a graffiti style, to a superimposition of the modern blue star on the flag of Israel spliced with the yellow star Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis, to a montage of yellow stars.
 “The Star of David has been for almost two centuries a symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity for a people who were stateless,” said Parler Strategic investor Jeffrey Wernick. “For me as a Jew, it symbolizes my love for Judaism, which does not conflict in any way with my love for my nation and my love for humanity. To designate it, if the allegations are true, as a hateful image, is not only an act of hate but also likely libelous and slanderous. The desire to remove a symbol of my Jewish identity as “hateful imagery” is, to me, no different than the desire to remove me as hateful just because I am Jewish. And this is true whether I display it physically or not.”
The Star of David has no official biblical authority, but became an important symbol of Jewish people living in the diaspora, and was universally adopted as a symbol of the Jewish People hundreds of years ago. The Star took on even greater significance as a symbol of heroism and sacrifice following the Holocaust and the founding of Israel as a Jewish State.

Twitter has a checkered history concerning anti-semitism. In 2015, the publisher allowed #killalljews to trend on its site. The hashtag is still searchable on Twitter. More recently, the publisher allowed #JewishPrivilege to trend, and the hashtag attracted many anti-semitic tweets.

Parler was founded in 2018 and has over 2.7 million users. The platform is committed to free speech, does not mine or sell user data, and does not censor content based on politics or ideology. Parler continues to stand with the People and against Technocronyism.


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