December 15th, 2020


Hey Guys and Gals!


These include: Transformation, Lifestyle, Prep, Off Season!

To answer any questions that you might have in regards to my style of training and nutrition:

Online training allows you to train according to your schedule. Everything is customized to your goals, needs and workout equipment availability. 

I have my clients officially check in with me biweekly for prep/off-season/transformations/lifestyle for accountability but you have access via email for questions, concerns etc any time! I try to answer as quick as possible 🙂 I like to always be there for my clients.

I am a firm believer that every client is different. 

Sometimes I provide meal plans with macros. And sometimes specific meal plans with no macros.

However, it’s important to note that this is not IIFYM. If I provide macros.

I call this “flex options.” It’s not anything goes and a calorie is a calorie type of thinking. Each meal has specific macros to hit and has different macros that comprise it. Stick to the way the meals are built while allowing yourself some flexibility with food options and some things you enjoy – more so during a transformation or a competition off-season, but also in contest prep.

“Flex Options”When it comes to your specific food options, I give you some flexibility for substituting in other foods that you may prefer eating. The way I build diets is compromised by the key macros for the meal (i.e. PRO/CARB/VEG or PRO/VEG/FATS, etc.) and then I list the macronutrient numbers.

If you are doing this:

I have no issues with you substituting in an alternative source of lean protein (i.e. white fish for chicken or extra lean ground beef for ground turkey, etc.). The same thing goes for carbohydrates (i.e. sprouted grains toast for oats or pasta for rice, etc.), or a different fat source (i.e. avocado instead of nuts).

Other times it isn’t as flexible and id prefer you to eat as close to my assigned plan as possible.

I am a firm believer that certain foods and nutrient timing work better when achieving a physique goal.

In the end its what works best for the client.

Payment is usually done through PayPal and the sign up is on my site for the packages. You can cancel at any time on your end of PayPal.
To get started on a program from me I need the forms (which you have filled out) 

And please send me your first progress photos (progress check ins are below) should you wish to work with me. 

Once I receive the forms, photos and the payment is made online here by clicking off season -

I do not accept etransfer as I do not like have to track clients down for payments. Everything is done through PayPal! Keeps things pretty simple and seamless through subscriptions.

Looking forward to hearing from you! And let me know if you have any other questions!

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