December 16th, 2016

// The White Studio releases ankle-biters into the wild

The White Studio releases ankle-biters into the wild

       Flexibility in motion
  • The White Studio launches the first wood and cork tool designed to help increase over-splits
  • Just as unique and individual as The White Studio Flexibility Wheels
  • A valuable aid for anybody on a journey to improve flexibility

DECEMBER 2016, Northamptonshire, UK – British wellbeing hub The White Studio announces the launch of the latest tool crafted to improve fitness fans’ and gymnasts’ flexibility: handcrafted, made-to-order over-split stands affectionately nicknamed “ankle-biters”.

The ankle-biters rise the point of stretching by providing a natural curvature on which the user’s ankle rests during stretching and training routines; they are designed by the same team which produces The White Studio flexibility wheels, the first and only yoga wheel made in the UK with natural, sustainable materials and to the user’s specification.

The inspiring principles behind both ideas are the same: the human body can curve around the flexibility wheel and the ankle-biter in various poses, resulting in a range of stretches to the back, neck, shoulders and limbs.

The White Studio ankle-biters increase stretching efforts by fitness practitioners, yogis, gymnasts and dancers: anybody whose lifestyle would benefit from more flexibility, supple limbs, control over one’s body, a healthy and strong back, spine and joints, is an ideal owner and user. All ankle-biters are bespoke and can be any width (i.e. made to suit the individual). Because The White Studio has total control over the materials used, the ankle-biters are as strong and as light as they can be, and come (uniquely in a market which offers virtually no guarantees) with a written and dated warranty.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, The White Studio provides tutorials, help, support and advice about how to use the ankle-biters and flexibility wheels, to the individual or even to establishments like gyms. The company is in the process of producing Instructor Courses (three levels, Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced, supported by manuals and ‘live’ workshops) with certificates showing attainment of the highest standards. There is no other manufacturer or business which offers the entire package, alongside a professional lifetime of continuous development and drive to perfecting one’s abilities.

The White Studio Managing Director Simon Lines says: “we are delighted to announce the launch of the ankle-biters, which join our bespoke range of Flexibility Wheels. Our products are born from an unwillingness to accept second best: yoga and other fitness practitioners do not strive to be ‘mediocre’, so why accept products that are? Both our flexibility wheels and the new over-split stands will never replace the cheap plastic counterparts, just as the bicycle will never replace the car. However, not unlike the bicycle, our products allow those who truly care to become just that tiny bit closer to achieving a harmonious lifestyle.”

All The White Studio ankle-biters are handmade in the UK, come with a 1-year limited written warranty and are tested to a maximum loading of 150kg. They are made-to-order, can be specified in a variety of colours, individual engraving/widths and are priced from £55.

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