January 25th, 2019

// Why are Hot Showers So Beneficial for Sore Muscles?

Why are Hot Showers So Beneficial for Sore Muscles?
After a big workout or another major physical activity, such as for moving furniture or packing boxes, muscles can become tight, sore, and painful. Individuals may notice that they have tight necks, sore arms and legs, and decreased flexibility. However, a hot, steamy shower may be just right for getting rid of sore muscles and getting back to normal within the next day or two.

Loosen Tight, Sore Muscles
The first and most obvious benefit of hot showers for muscles is their loosening of tight muscle fibers. After a big workout, the muscles often become tight, tense, and inflexible because of the buildup of lactic acid in them. Hot water helps to open up the fibers, allowing lactic acid to be washed away and decreasing any pinching sensations around nerves that run through the muscles.

Increase Blood Circulation
Hot water also improves circulation by widening the blood vessels. When more blood can get to an area, the area will heal faster, and muscle fibers will find it easier to repair themselves. A hot shower can also be beneficial in the morning before a workout because it helps to loosen up the body with improved circulation, limiting the chance for injuries during a workout.

Get Hot Water All the Time
Family members who are not getting enough hot water to complete a relaxing shower or who find that the hot water is gone before may feel frustrated. This may mean that you might possibly need to look into getting a new water heaterfor the household. New Energy-Star rated water heaters can save money while also heating water faster than ever. Individuals should be sure to choose a heater capacity that matches the number of people in the household.

Decrease Overall Stress
Hot showers are about more than just physical benefits for muscles. As the hot water washes over the body, a sensation of letting go often occurs as well, leading to less stress mentally. Decreased stress and anxiety can also indirectly help loosen muscles.
Of course, hot showers are beneficial for more than just muscles. They can also open congested sinuses, improve skin color and tone, and warm up a body that is cold during the winter. However, when used for sore muscles, hot showers can be incredibly beneficial by warming up the entire body at once while also including the calming effect of the water running over the skin. For a non-serious injury, heat can truly be a powerful and effective treatment.


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